Online learning could be a better alternative to the physical classrooms for some as you get to stay in your own home. But over time, it creates stress and depression due to the monotonous nature of life. This is quite common among those who have got used to the traditional education method for over a long time. Hence, it is necessary to overcome this and keep yourself performing at your best. Here are some suggestions to help anyone struggling with mental health amidst online learning.

Know that it’s normal and temporary

Understanding the current situation is the best way to deal with stress. Remember that it’s not just you. Everyone is going through a difficult time especially due to working online. It is something we have never been used to. But if you focus properly on your studies and engage in regular activities, everything will be over soon. You will pass with flying colors and will be able to share the story of your success with everyone. After all, nothing would last forever, even the pandemic. It would end somewhere soon and you just need to be patient till then.

Talk to friends

We are all used to hanging out with friends at college although the stay-at-home period made everyone distant. Talking to your close friends and loved ones is a great way to relieve stress. Phone calls, texting, and video calls help keep in touch with your friends. Talking to them regularly would help forget the difficult times as you can engage in carefree chats. Look up how to stay connected with friends during online learning.

Be happy with what you have

This is a key point to remember when dealing with monotonous life. Always be grateful for what you have. After all, you are not the most unfortunate person in the world. You have a lot of things for which you need to be grateful. As you wake up in the morning every day, make it a habit to feel grateful for the things you have. Think about all the good things in life and how happy you are. This will make the day better without you even knowing. Do the same when you go to bed at night. It doesn’t always need to be big things, you can be grateful for the very simple things such as having food, shelter, and loved ones. Eventually, you’ll feel how beautiful life is and stressful thoughts would be out of the way.

Listen to motivational podcasts

You will find a lot of awareness on stress related to the pandemic. There are certain channels broadcasting podcasts on a daily or weekly basis. You can find these on social media platforms as well. It is recommended to listen to these once in a while to help enhance your mood. The speakers will bring about new ways of thinking which you have never heard of before. It will motivate and keep you going through difficult times. You can even share these sessions with your friends.

Help a friend

You may have friends who are going through tougher times than you. Everyone could be vulnerable to stress and burnout resulting from prolonged online activity. Be empathetic when dealing with friends. Very often all they need is a good listener to share their feelings and mental struggles. You can help them by providing different views of the issue and even assist them in finding proper help and support. Helping someone gives you a sense of value about yourself.

Cut out unhealthy habits

Certain unhealthy habits such as smoking and higher caffeine intake increase the level of stress. Surveys show that people have increased their smoking behavior during the pandemic. Smoking links not only with depression and anxiety but also with suicidal thoughts and weak learning outcomes. Caffeine also contributes to mental health disorders. Cutting out these bad habits decreases online-associated burnouts by a great amount.

Avoid Procrastination

Since you are working from a remote area and not on the campus premises, there is a higher chance that you would put away work for later. The more you procrastinate, the more you end up frustrated about your studies. Plan your time and work according to a schedule. It will improve the quality of your time and you will feel better about the productivity of the day. It is a very effective method of reducing stress levels especially when exams draw close. The best thing is that when you are busy with work, you have lesser time to worry about things you haven’t done.

Take care of your health

It is usual to get stressed when dealing with education both online and in-person. However, you will feel more stressed when dealing with online learning from home. So, always check in with yourself. Trouble in sleeping, rapid heartbeat, and poor concentration are some symptoms of stress. Think about how you are feeling physically and mentally. Then try various stress management techniques and figure out what works best for you.

Breathing, meditation, and yoga

There is evidence that yoga is an effective technique that reduces stress and improves both mental and physical well-being. Clinical studies prove that yoga is effective for a range of chronic conditions including depression and anxiety. It also develops other psychological mechanisms such as self and body awareness, mindfulness, self-compassion, and social connectedness. Meditation and mindful breathing also enhance mental well-being. Since online learning and working from home involves a lot of electronic devices and telecommunication, it affects mental health negatively. So, in order to balance your healthier lifestyle, you can engage in these.

Ask for help

Talking to a professional is probably the best way to feel better in hard times. Find a counselor or a therapist that can help you. It is okay to ask for help if you need it. The right experts can help manage your stress effectively with the respective coping mechanisms. Many colleges and universities have special support teams to help their students deal with various issues they face during online learning. This includes both academic-related and personal problems. Here’s more on support for online learning.

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