Most undergraduate students had to pack their belongings and leave the campus premises so suddenly in the middle of spring of 2020, only to never return again. Thus, the pandemic spread rapidly across the globe and the institutes announced the continuation of courses online. The journey hasn’t been an easy task since then, as the students had to adapt to some new technological learning methods that they never have done before.

Although many surveys show that students are happy with online learning, polling from colleges reveals otherwise. Around 77% of 800 college students who participated in a survey stated that distance learning through the internet is much worse than in-person classes. What are the real reasons that make online education so difficult for students? Let’s find them out.

Online learning is different from physical learning

Online learning is greatly different from physical learning where students can attend in-person lectures and talk to the lecturers. Students often feel isolated during online sessions due to the lack of interaction among students and teachers. Learning something online is more time-consuming as you need to refer to many things and watch videos to understand something. Even if you need to contact a lecturer, your emails could go unseen and messages would take forever to get a reply. But if it was for physical sessions, you can either get it clarified from your lecturer or ask a friend.

Distractions everywhere

Home is where you find comfort in everything. You have your pets lying by your side or running to you. Then there’s the play station, TV, phone, and internet that makes you need to spend time leisurely. These things distract whenever students try to focus on studying. You will even be distracted by something happening in the house in the middle of an online lesson. This wouldn’t be the case if students could attend colleges and universities as there are very few or mostly no distractions during study hours.

Feeling lost without a schedule

Even if you don’t get distracted by something, you would find yourself idling even when you have so much work to do. That’s what really happens when anyone would try to learn online at home. This has become a major drawback that keeps students behind their schedules. Having less work makes it difficult for time management. The best solution would be to plan your work ahead and work according to a schedule. Nevertheless, how practical this would entirely depend on the personality of each student.

Difficult to be prepared for exams

Home is not much of a supportive learning environment like the schools and campus premises. Even the working tables, chairs, learning tools, and absence of peers would make it more difficult for anyone to get into the correct mindset of studying. This becomes even worse when it comes to online examinations. Studying alone at home may be difficult for most students who have been used to working together with peers. Facing exams hold a similar state as the exam hall is obviously less stressful than doing exams online. This is because your mind wanders to the things that could go wrong as you sit the exam.

Health Issues

The sudden shift of education from traditional education was an unexpected turn for students. Staying in front of the computer all day engaging in studies is not at all an easy task for anyone. It may cause health effects due to wrong postures and even cause strain in the eyes over time. Students would have less mobility with online education and hence lead to obesity from staying home for so long. You may miss the time spent hanging out with friends, doing sports, and going to the gym. You would no longer care about how fat you look since you rarely go out. These things make online learning difficult for students in the long run.

Technical issues

Having to face technical issues amidst lectures and especially exams is one of the scariest things that one could expect. Even if you don’t, the thoughts of such possibilities linger around the head of students all day long. This increases the stress levels causing various mental health issues among online learners. The possibility and time of recovery from these technical faults may impact the grades and success of the course completion.  So as you can see, learning online is never an easy task since the start.

Facing social criticism

Most people have no proper idea about the methodology of online education. They simply consider it an easy task that can be achieved with very little effort. But in reality, online education is one of the most difficult ways of self-learning. Another common misconception is that students can easily copy when taking online exams. This is not true since students have a rather difficult time providing constructive answers that are way different from those given in references. People assume that online course completions are of less value when most employers think otherwise. It is very challenging to adapt to such new methods and shows the ability to complete tasks under difficult situations.

Not everything can be taught online

Sometimes students may need to pursue different fields of education through online courses. But not everything can be learned online due to various limitations. Most practical fields such as medicine, architecture, and engineering need live sessions. Hence, online learners have to face many challenges when following their professional qualifications. So make sure to consider the curriculum and teaching methodology when choosing new online study programs.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of support for online learning in almost every educational institute. You may find your friends contacting you often and family being together to cope up with the hard times during the pandemic. You can even find motivational resources to keep you mentally fit during online learning.

But things can be challenging when you have to learn everything alone at home. Knowing what to expect in online education is the key to getting yourself through this. You can also refer to the pros and cons of online education for a better understanding of this. Finally, a small piece of advice for all the students caught up in the pandemic. Make sure to go easy on yourself. You sure are doing your best, and you are enough!

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