Various studies show that the place of study immensely affects the process of grasping information and retaining them in memory. This is why some study sessions are more effective than others. With the online learning system, you have full control over making your study space more effective. Here are 10 working tips to organize yourself and prepare your study room better for online learning from home.

Arrange a Place

Start by picking a specific room as your study space. Having a dedicated workspace for your studies will help you get in the study mode as soon as you enter. It may not become so within a small time, but you will get used to it over time. Store your study material associated with learning in it. Rearrange the furniture to make it appear like an ideal workplace. Make a place for your laptop and don’t forget to have proper connections to charge your electronic devices. You should also learn more about ergonomics for learning online to make studying more effective. Good practices would even help avoid health-related issues while spending too much time on the computer.

Look for Natural Light

A study space should not make you feel sleepy or put excess strain on the eyes. So, when arranging your work desk, make sure to have abundant natural light if possible. It is a great source of natural warmth and vitality to the room. When using table lamps or other sources, make sure that the light is not shining directly into your eyes. It can be distracting and even painful. Pay attention to the position of the light in order to make your work more productive. Also, make sure that you don’t get shadows on the book when you lean forward for working. It is recommended to position the base of lamp shades at chin level so that the source is out of view when you are working.

Get the Essential Supplies

The studying room would not be effective if you have to move into various other rooms looking for things. You would easily get distracted as you keep wandering in the house. Make sure to have all the study materials and supplies in the working area. Keep them at your arm’s distance for easy access. Keep the books and stationery in allocated drawers so that you don’t need to go in search of them when necessary. If studying is stressful, you can even add some soothing décors on the table.

Organize both Online and Offline

Keeping everything neat and tidy is a better way to make your workspace more appealing. But when it comes to online education, organizing your files is very important. Make sure that your course materials are easily accessible when needed. Some people prefer studying with hardcopies as it is easy to note down or highlight the important factors. If so, go for a filing system so that you have all the notes organized and well-prepared. When working digitally, keep the files and folders arranged well so that you can find everything easily. Name the folders descriptively to help identify them well. Bookmark the sites that use often so that you don’t need to search for them always.

Time Management

Getting into a routine is the best way to manage your time wisely. It will not help you to do your best when studying but also help you to get frequent breaks. When it comes to studying a lot of modules, make a schedule for each course. Include blocks of time for regular studying and additional time when preparing for exams. If you are working on projects or researches, you may need to allocate time considering them as well. Motivate yourself to work according to a timetable so that you wouldn’t regret the choice of online learning.

Eliminate Distractions

It is obvious that studying with a phone in hand is not an easy task. You will be easily distracted by messages and social media. Simply after a few minutes of studying, you would need to go online to check out new posts and memes. So if you really need to get some serious work done, you will definitely have to set aside your phone. Keeping other distractions such as pets and kids away from your study room would help you work better.


This depends on your personal choice. Some people prefer complete silence when they are studying. So, eliminate all possibilities of sound by closing the doors to focus better on your work. On the other hand, some enjoy listening to a piece of light music when studying. It helps them stay calm and content while working. You can try out some white noise, pink noise, and similar sounds for better concentration. It will even help block the unnecessary background noise from the traffic in the road and even neighbors.


Having everything organized in your study space doesn’t work if it’s not appealing. So to make it more livable, you can personalize the area with your favorite things. Get some low-maintenance houseplants like aloe or snake plants and place them over the window sill. Greenery makes the studying room more serene and makes the environment more peaceful. Bring in some religious ornaments to help relieve stress. Keep the room fragrant by lighting up a scented candle. Have some motivating quotes on the walls to push you through the hard times.

Keep it Positive

Studying would often be associated with a lot of negative feelings and stress. But it should not be so in your study room. Try to keep things positive by making everything more appealing so that you get a positive vibe as you enter the room. Surround yourself with things that remind you that studying is good. Always try to self-motivate yourself into getting good grades. Help yourself achieve your dreams through the hustle. Remember to reward yourself for even the small achievements of studying along the journey.

Remember to Leave

After creating the best working environment for online learning from home, it is necessary to make it the ideal place for studying. If you love being there, you would be tempted to do everything there. You would even watch movies, call your friends, and even have snacks inside the study room. This would make you lose the environment of studying in your workspace. So in order to preserve its association with learning, make sure to avoid other tasks in that room. Take a break outside and return recharged for the next session. Leave the room once you have done studying for the day.

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