So many people are interested in online learning programs to improve their skills and get a world-recognized certification. Therefore, the education providers also provide various degrees and diplomas to meet the demand. Nevertheless, there are various scams that degrade the value of the students’ efforts in earning a certified degree. Anyone can easily get deceived by worthless online degrees that are offered at an apparent bargain. This is why people are interested in knowing more about the recognition of online qualifications.

What is Academic Recognition?

Academic recognition is the recognition of a study program by an accredited higher education institution. These institutions cover recognition in all types of learning including formal degree education and informal learning. They also carry out recognition of online courses and degrees awarded by various higher education institutions. The recognition authorities have a mechanism to carry out the recognition of online qualifications.

Digital Student Data and Evaluations

Most of the student data at present are offered in digital formats. This implies the diplomas, degree certificates, and transcripts. It takes lesser processing time and waste generation when dealing with digitized applications. Using these digital solutions makes it easier for presentation through online means for necessary submissions. It is also easy for automatic recognition, prevention of fraud, and security of data. However, there could be various organizations that getaway by presenting students with invalid degree certificates without proper details. Hence, it is important to go for trustworthy solutions when obtaining digital evaluations.

Criteria for Recognition of E-Learning

Since online learning is a relatively new concept, the relevant authorities have fairly little experience in accepting students from these programs. Since the quality of these online learning certificates cannot be determined at a glance, there are various lengthy procedures used for this. These often require portfolio development and assessments involving a considerable amount of effort and costs. The procedure used for the recognition of online learning courses is based on the seven criteria indicated below.

  1. Quality of the course
  2. Verification of the certificate
  3. Level of the course
  4. Learning outcomes
  5. Workload
  6. The way study results are tested
  7. Identification of the participant

How to Verify the Real Deal

Knowing whether you are caught up in a scam or whether the institution is properly qualified for offering the course program is the most important thing when you lookup for online education. This can be checked in a few steps as given here. Make sure to check not one but most or all of these aspects before you sign up for any online course.

Check the Accreditation

The first thing to be aware of is the accreditation of the online degree. Always choose fully accredited courses. This shows that the institute or the program is reviewed and validated by fellow participants in the field of education. If the university is accredited, you will find a reference to the specific agency or government authority on the website.

Avoid Institutes with Copied Names

You must have come across many institutes with names similar to popular universities. This is a scam to catch the eye of viewers so that people who are not attentive enough could easily mistake it for the prestigious university. Sometimes the names would be with additional wording to the name of a famous institute. This would make anyone think that the institute is a part of that renowned university. Always avoid these institutes as it is simply evident that it’s fake and doesn’t have proper stability to stand on its own.

Beware of Admission Criteria

You need to think twice if the admission criteria are too good to be true. If the requirements include just a resume and a letter, you would obviously think that something is fishy. This cannot be expected from a recognized university unless it is an open university. Also, if the institution requires you to pay a lot of money even before you are admitted, it is surely not to be trusted. You should know that tuition fees are paid in installments each year or each semester according to the institute.

Earning a Degree Too Easily

Degrees are not earned fast and easily on any account. There should be a reasonable course content covered within a duration of 3 to 4 years. So if an institution offers you an easy degree, you need to reconsider enrolling in the program. Since you may not be able to figure out this on the first go, you will understand the nature of the course by referring to student reviews and feedback on various online forums. Although online degrees are quite flexible, it doesn’t imply that they are easy since they contain the same amount of coursework as on-campus ones.

Check the Resources Offered

You can find the resources provided by accredited universities related to student support services and libraries. There should be a proper structure for the sharing of learning materials including lecture videos, documents, and eBooks. Usually, there is a specific online platform that can be accessed by tutors and students for this purpose. It should be the main website through which everything is acknowledged and shared among the students. The institution may not be valid if there is no such information available.

Verify Institute Contact Details

Another important thing is the verification of the contact details of the respective institution. You can search for more information by browsing their website. There should be a specific main location for any recognized university. If you cannot find a proper business address or any other details, you are dealing with something suspicious. Even the educational institutions that are exclusively online should still have some valid contact details. You can easily check the details provided through online systems.

Check Reviews from Graduates

Last but not least is to go through the reviews from the graduates. This is an ideal way to find the impression of the university and the reliability of the courses. You can find reviews about these institutes not only on their website but also on other education-related websites. Students will surely mention if they are contented with the quality of the degree program or otherwise. Do not opt for any institution that has poor feedback or fewer reviews as it can be due to a lack of students enrolled in the particular institute.

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