Online education before 2020 was used very rarely in different circumstances. For example, if a lecturer couldn’t participate in a one-to-one session due to some reason, he/ she will conduct it online so that the class can see it on a screen. There were also a few situations where distant learning was carried out when the students were not present due to various reasons. However, this was not considered as a standard method and the physical sessions were considered as the main method of lesson delivery.

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Online Education During the Pandemic

The technology is being used at its highest for online education at present. There are various online learning platforms used by students and teachers to interact with each other. Since there is no exact date on which the life would turn back to normal, there is no certainty about when the physical sessions will be conducted as before. Therefore, technology is being used continuously by the various sectors involved in education.

Another requirement of online education is to hold the examinations at due time. Not only the lessons but also exams have been postponed due to the current situation of the world. This makes life hard for students as they cannot move into the next stage of their lives without completing the former. As a solution for this, online methods of holding examinations have been sought after. The lockdown browser is one such example of the rapid development of technology to meet the needs.

Difficulty in Conducting Practical Sessions Online

Despite the need for online education, carrying out practical sessions such as experiments has become a difficult task. This is because the students cannot experience the methodology and outcomes of these experiments online. All they can do is watch online tutorial videos and gain knowledge. This is far less practical than the actual scenario of getting exposed to the real experiment conducted on their own. Therefore, this leaves the knowledge of modern students questionable as to whether they have completely gained proper knowledge about the relevant subject matter.

Why It’s Necessary to Promote Online Education

When disregarding the downsides of full-time online education, some positive aspects improve the quality of education. Let’s identify these key points which make online education more meaningful.

  • Students gain more intellectual freedom as they can participate in different sessions of various lessons.
  • Online learning allows students to try out various introductory topics from different fields. Students can become more independent learners and choose their preferred field of specialization easily.
  • Students can personalize their learning as there is minimal infrastructure. Students can learn from anywhere and at any time depending on their personal preference.
  • All individuals have their own pace of learning. This may not be supported enough by the traditional method of education. But anyone can learn at their own pace when following courses online. Most courses do not have a strict schedule for deadlines. Therefore, anyone can complete these courses easily without much stress.
  • Online education also provides a great opportunity for introverts to learn without active interaction. Body language is of very little importance in online learning.
  • On the other way around, students can easily contact the teachers through online learning. It can be challenging to talk to your teachers after class. But in this method, online learning platforms allow students to interact with teachers more freely and at any time.
  • Online teaching has the advantage of getting deep and analytical progress of the students. Each student can have their personalized academic path through this.
  • Online learning and teaching allow students from different regions and countries to participate in lessons without difficulty. This is another reason why online education needs to be promoted during the pandemic and beyond.


The Cost of Online Education

The cost of education is another major reason why online education is preferred by many. It is more cost-effective than the traditional education methods. Online courses mostly allow you to pay the fee in installments or per class. In addition to this, you can save a lot of money spent on the road. You don’t need to pay for traveling, decent clothing, books, and other material. You will only need to focus on your internet charges and electricity bills which will be an affordable cost. Hence, this is a budget-friendly option in modern education.

Effectiveness of Online Education

Online education is effective for those who need simply theoretical knowledge. The reading material can be easily referred and the exams can be conducted without much issue. However, learning online is more challenging when it comes to practical fields such as medicine, engineering, and other subjects. Hence, it cannot be guaranteed that this method is completely effective for all education fields equally.

So depending on your preferred field of education, you can determine whether you are continuing online education even after the peak of the pandemic. Practical fields are encouraged to follow more physical sessions rather than attending online tutoring. But if you are a fan of staying at home and learning at your own pace, you can choose a relevant field and continue online lessons. Either way, we can see traces of online education being necessary for quite some time in the distant future. Most people will continue using online education in the future with this transition even after the pandemic is over.

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