The Top 05 Online Skills to Learn in 2022

The economy is currently undergoing an upskilling and reskilling revolution, according to a recent report by LinkedIn Learning. Many of the highest-paying jobs in the modern economy are already being transformed into “super jobs,” which require employees to possess a diverse set of skills. And, as we’ve grown accustomed to, skill-based recruitment is already eclipsing traditional credential-based hiring methods.

As a result, employers are disregarding traditional credentials such as Ivy League degrees. Surprisingly, however, the cost of a university education continues to rise. Ivy League universities, such as Columbia University, charge an average of $59,430 for a bachelor’s degree, and the overall cost of college has increased by 25% in the last ten years.

Even Columbia University’s dean of professional studies, Jason Wingard, admits that credentials and Ivy League degrees aren’t as important as they once were. “It’s all about (the) competencies that you possess,” he says nowadays.

Employers nowadays focus on checking whether applicants have the necessary sets of competencies to thrive at their job, rather than evaluating college degrees and GPAs. Or, to put it another way, whether applicants have acquired the skills necessary to succeed in their position.

Almost all of the most in-demand skills in today’s economy are skills that can be learned online. You can change your career path in any direction you want by using video tutorials, free online courses, and online certification programs. You can benefit from the upskilling and reskilling revolution by doing so.

These are the 5 most important online skills to learn:

1. Speed reading

I’ll begin this list with a skill that we all have – reading.

While I’m sure you all know how to read on a basic level, it’s likely you’ve never mastered the art of reading quickly and efficiently, a skill known as “speed reading.” It’s no surprise that many of the world’s thought leaders, business owners, and researchers are speed readers.

Consider Bill Gates, who is a voracious reader. He reads 150 pages per hour and 15 books per week, and he retains 90% of what he reads. He’s also stated that reading is still his preferred method of learning new things and testing his comprehension. Bill Gates is an excellent example of how speed reading skills can be put to the best possible use.

To the average person, his reading speed appears to be out of this world. Speed reading, on the other hand, is a skill that can be learned and improved in the same way that learning a new language or cooking can. It takes time, effort, and dedication, but anyone can do it. And everyone who participates reaps enormous rewards.

2. Blockchain

Online Skills to Learn in 2022
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In a nutshell, blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that allows for the unhackable, transparent, and permanent verification of transactions between two parties. The rise of cryptocurrencies in the twenty-first century popularized the term “blockchain.” The practical applications of blockchain technologies, on the other hand, go far beyond virtual currencies.

Blockchain technology has already been adopted by a wide range of industries. Global spending on blockchain in the healthcare industry is expected to grow at a 70.5 percent CAGR over the next seven years, according to Business Insider Intelligence. Another example is the World Food Program, which is tracking food distribution among tens of thousands of refugees using blockchain technology.

Virtually every modern industry has the potential to be disrupted by blockchain. Blockchain developers will be needed by businesses across all industries at some point in the future, which is why it’s another of the most important and valuable skills that can be learned online.

3. Data Science & Data Analysis

Data science, dubbed the “sexiest job of the twenty-first century,” is one of the most secure and lucrative career paths available. To keep up with the competition, every company now needs a team of data scientists, and as “big data” becomes more prevalent, data scientists who can make sense of it will be more important than ever.

Data science and analysis is a no-brainer when it comes to learning a new skill, with a median salary of $59.06 per hour ($122840 per year) and projected 10-year growth of 15%.


Productivity is a skill that can be applied to any field and career path.

Jim Kwik, one of my favorite mental performance coaches, teaches in his “Superbrain” online course that small changes in your daily life can yield significant long-term results. Rather than setting goals and dreams for yourself, concentrate on creating a system that allows productivity to flourish naturally.

Learning to be productive in the digital age will allow you to achieve extraordinary results in less time while maintaining your personal life. Author Cal Newport coined the term “deep work” to describe productive work, which is becoming increasingly valuable in today’s economy. Employees who can remain focused and productive for long periods of time are becoming increasingly scarce. Naturally, this means that these same employees will be appropriately compensated.

5. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Despite the fact that search engine optimization (SEO) has been around since around 1997, it is a skill that has evolved and changed several times since then. It all boils down to increasing organic (non-paid) search engine traffic to a website. Optimizing websites becomes a complicated task when there are over 200 assumed search engine ranking factors (assumed because no one really knows).

It is, however, a difficult task worth completing. Because well-optimized websites can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in passive income, this is true. As more businesses enter the digital realm with their websites and/or e-commerce stores, skilled SEOs can offer their optimization services to an ever-growing list of clients on the Internet.

As a result, SEO remains one of the most valuable skills you can acquire today. Learning this skill will pay for itself tenfold whether you want to start an agency, create websites for yourself, or offer optimization services as a freelancer on the Internet. Particularly when combined with knowledge of Google Analytics, web development, and marketing.

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