The term online learning often addresses the sudden transition of the studying method from physical classrooms to the computer. But the term online education goes along a different route allowing students to follow various courses via the internet. Studying abroad would obviously be a difficult task with the present crisis. But everyone gets an opportunity to engage in higher education with the concept of online education.

The offering of online Bachelor’s degree programs is one such enormous step taken in the modern education system. Anyone can get a world-recognized degree certification from a prestigious university without the challenges of the expenses of moving abroad. These are the top 10 online Bachelor’s degrees offered by various universities across the world.

Bachelor Degree in International Relations & Diplomacy

This degree is offered by Schiller International University in Germany. It is conducted in English for 3 – 4 years. Currently, this is one of the most popular virtual bachelor’s degrees. You can gain the necessary skills and competencies to pursue a career in government, business, journalism, and international organizations. It offers one year of studies in liberal arts which gives you a broad knowledge of history, economics, political science, and international relations. The knowledge gained through this can be applied to sharpen your analytical skills through engaging in debates, debates, and practical training.

Bachelor in Sports Management

If you are interested in sports and look forward to converting your passion into your career, you can follow this degree offered by Global Business School in Spain. The medium is English and the duration of the course is 3 years. You can master the theoretical frameworks in sports management. It will also provide necessary knowledge on marketing, research, and other skills needed to succeed as a professional in the field. You can be among a diverse student body from international accreditation. There will also be an exciting array of guest speakers from the sports industry.

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Psychology is one of the most sought-after fields of online education. This degree is offered by the University of Essex, developed, and conducted by chartered psychologists. You can find a wide range of job opportunities with this degree. The preferred branches of this study are forensic psychology, education psychology, sports and exercise, and critical social psychology. By the end of this degree, you will have a complete understanding of the scientific and theoretical discipline of psychology. It also develops key skills including critical thinking, communication, reasoning, investigative skills, and many more.

BBA in Sustainability Management

This online degree in sustainability management is offered by Sustainability Management School in Switzerland. It is conducted in English for a duration of 3 years. If you are looking for a program to incorporate sustainable practices into business operations, this will be the best choice. You can get exposure to real business operations by interacting with the business community and corporate world. It is an ideal opportunity to develop leadership and intercultural skills. You will get the opportunity to participate in camps, field trips, and even visits to international organizations at a later stage.

BA in Hospitality Management

Here’s a chance for you to build up your career in hospitality management by completing this online degree offered by UNICAF in Africa. It is another degree conducted for 3 years in English medium. It provides you with development in leadership, analytical, and communication skills. This degree is ideal for anyone looking forward to enhancing their position within the organization. Even if you are just starting your professional education, you can find employment in the fields of hotels, food and beverage, restaurant management, and marketing.

Bachelor of Data Science

Learning data science offers a wide range of skills necessary for corresponding job opportunities in the modern world. This online degree offered by the University of Applied Sciences in Germany is conducted in English for 3 years. Successful completion of this would make you a valuable asset to the digital business in all fields. Therefore, this internationally-recognized bachelor’s degree is a great place to acquire the skills and start a job in the current data revolution.

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

Business administration is all about finance, marketing, management, and operations. This degree program is offered by the EU Business School Online. The university locations are Spain, Switzerland, and Germany. The lectures are conducted in English for a course duration of 3 years. You can learn about strategic marketing, leadership, team-building, and cross-cultural business issues. You will succeed in any business environment with the skills obtained through this highly practical program.

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design

Graphic designing is another field of interest sought after by most young people. If you are passionate about creating graphics to communicate, develop ideas, and concepts in exciting ways, you can try it out. Follow this degree offered by the Los Angeles Film School in the USA. The course duration is 3 years and you will be able to come out with your compelling designs with the latest media technology. You will develop a successful career with the creative and technical skills developed as an undergraduate.

Bachelor of Interior Design

This is for everyone out there interested in interior design. You can follow this 3-year online degree program offered by Yorkville University in Canada. A degree in interior design is a great way to connect the physical world with creative minds. You can succeed very soon if you have a passion for aesthetics and can lay a foundation for healthy and safe interior spaces. You will also learn the critical, analytical, and technical skills necessary for a high-level design with the latest digital media.

BSc in Spanish: Language & Literature

If you are looking for a degree program to enhance your Spanish language skills, this is the best online opportunity. It is offered by Universidad De Burgos in Spain. The duration is 4 years and the medium is Spanish. It is an ideal opportunity for a career in teaching the Spanish language professionally. If you are deeply interested in this language, you will easily move along this course. You can complete this degree successfully as most content is theory-based and hence can be grasped easily with the online learning resources.

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