In this process of online education, a variety of apps and platforms are used. Students connected from all over the world can use the web apps to share lessons and learning resources. Other website platforms that offer online courses have also grown rapidly, expanding the number of options for online learning. Identifying these applications and platforms will aid in your understanding of the online learning process.

Most Interactive Web Apps for E-Learning

Educational web applications allow the learners to insert their data and find out the results through interaction. These apps can be accessed from a web browser with an internet connection. Since most students are approaching the new method of online learning, here are some web apps useful for virtual learning. Proper knowledge of these applications will help both students and teachers engage actively in online education.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is one of the most popular web apps for organizing the daily studies of students. It also provides a platform for online classes and the distribution of learning materials. Tutors can assign tasks, track the students’ progress, and send feedback through this.


Zoom is another famous video conferencing web application used across the world. It allows you to share schedules, tutor lessons, and communicate with the students easily. This is one of the best platforms for remote learning with enhanced features such as screen sharing, digital whiteboards, etc.


This is a game-based learning application used to improve student interaction in online learning. Most educators in the USA use this platform to create quizzes and live games, especially for young students. It is easier to retain the students’ attention and active participation through these activities.


Seesaw offers a wide range of resources in creating a successful virtual learning environment. It can be used to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and progress of learning. These data can also be showcased through this app to their parents.


As the name implies, this app is dedicated to developing effective teaching methods for math. Students can develop solutions for math problems with the support of this app. It will help students grasp the concepts in an innovative way other than the ordinary.


This allows you to create mini-quiz, poll questions, and quick assessments. It’s able to examine the students’ understanding levels with the cloud-based student response system. Hence, it is an effective platform to improve student engagement.


This app allows the creation of collaborative groups online. Teachers can provide the study material and digital assessments through this. This is an ideal app to create quick questions, analyze student progress, and communicate with parents.


This too is a popular web application developed for younger students aged up to 16 years. Scratch allows the students to showcase their skills in various fields including music, graphics, and photos. This helps to improve their engagement in learning through active tasks.


Prezi is famous for its presentations which are found to be 25% more effective than Powerpoint presentations. It consists of many attractive templates for designing eye-catching presentations to keep the students focused on the lessons throughout the session.

This is a good option if tutors are looking forward to creating learning methods with engaging content. It increases the curiosity of students and motivates them to learn. Images, videos, music, and even virtual tours can be used to create an extraordinary online learning experience.

Online education has become one of the fastest developing fields in the world today. It provides an opportunity for students to broaden their scope of education by learning new things. Online learning platforms can be used by students around the world regardless of their age. The courses can be chosen upon your preference to make your stay-at-home periods productive.


Coursera is a popular website that offers various courses from education providers in different parts of the world. This online education platform provides the world’s best education standards. Coursera offers courses in partnership with universities such as Stanford, Duke, Michigan, Peking, Penn, Princeton, and HEC Paris. There are over 190 active partners from many countries including companies like IBM, Google, and PwC. With Coursera, you will be charged separately for the courses or the entire specialization. Financial aid will also be provided for skilled learners.


This is another online education platform that offers thousands of online courses related to various fields. This includes business, marketing, technology, gaming, cooking, writing, fashion, and crafts. The guidelines provided in this platform allow the instructors to create the classes easily. Skillshare offers free courses as well as premium plans that start from $8 per month.


This focuses on the development of job training through online education. The courses range from artificial intelligence, robotics, and other trending technology to fulfill the in-demand skills. GitHub, Bosch, BMW, Twitter, Mars, Amazon, and Google are the curriculum partners while Accenture, AT&T, Shell, Cisco, and Mazda are enterprise customers. You can engage in up to 200 courses free of charge. The other courses may cost from $200 to @2,400 per month.


Udemy is another popular that allows career development. It is also used by many people to explore hobbies from the wide range of courses offered. Various reputed companies use the business plan of Udemy as it provides great support. The instructors can easily create and promote their courses on this platform through advertisements and promotions. You can try a free trial and the courses start at $12.99. The business plans start from $360 per year.


If you are looking for a university-level online course, edX is the best platform for this. There are over 120 institutions in partnership with this including Harvard, MIT, Delft, Sorbonne, and many more. There are six different types of programs offered by this platform. The skill development programs provide professional certificates necessary to meet the demand of the current job market. You can also find various courses for leisure and inspiration to get a better understanding of any field. The unverified courses are free while the verified courses cost from $50 to $300.

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