Learning new skills is a great way to uncover your potential and pursue your dreams. The time you spend at home during the pandemic is the best time for this. It will help you be a more skilled person with abundant knowledge in different fields for free. Here are some productive online courses that you can follow while social distancing.

Learn a Language

Learning new languages would be a productive way to spend your time at home. The ability to use two or more languages increases brain functionality and efficiency. You may not be completely fluent in a language like a native speaker, but you can at least reach the intermediate level easily. With a little more effort, you can even keep learning it even after the lockdown. You can easily find many apps such as Duolingo and HelloTalk to make learning more interesting.

Learn Sign Language

Knowing at least the basics of sign language is a valuable skill anyone could have. Certain sign language courses allow you to take courses free or pay what you can. This is to encourage more people to learn how to sign. It will be a great way to encourage our differently-abled community. Knowing the sign language will even be considered as an asset in the job market.

Join an Online Choir

If you are into singing, you can try this. It is a great way to overcome stress and enjoy your time. Participating in a choir will not only get you a chance for events but also help you train your vocals. Even if you are a terrible singer, you don’t need to feel stressed when singing with a group!

Language and Literature

If you are a fan of poetry and prose, you can follow a course in language and literature. It will allow you to learn a lot of new literary content and understand them better. This could even help thinking and improve your writing skills. Hence, it is another way to pass your time productively.

Work-Out Challenge

You can find a lot of workout challenges online that promote tips on how to stay fit and healthy. Find a course that teaches you the basic exercises daily. It will be a great way to spend your time and keep track of your progress. You can even start learning martial art online.

Recreational Math and Quizzes

This is especially for math enthusiasts. In spite of wasting your useful time, you can engage in some online courses to boost your mathematical skills. There are various opportunities where you can develop creative and deductive thinking skills.

Learn Coding

For all the computer geeks, learning a new language would be a great way to spend this time. Even if you know nothing about coding, you can still give it a try. All you need is to follow a course that teaches you everything from the scratch. You can even get a certificate of successful completion at the end of the course.

Try Craft

There are countless crafts that you can learn and try easily at home. Origami is the simplest example that would come to anyone’s mind. This will soothe your mind while producing something beautiful. Join crafting communities and be an active member for new ideas.

Marine Documentaries

Learning about underwater life especially in the oceans is something most people are interested in. You can find courses that bring different concepts that you would never have the chance if it wasn’t for the pandemic. Discover your personal tastes and expand your scope of knowledge.


If you are lucky to have a garden or even a balcony, you can learn some gardening. This will bring you all the necessary knowledge starting from the soil requirements through planting to taking care of the garden. It is a great way to add garnish to your meals every day.

Start Writing Fiction

If you have a dream of becoming a writer, this is the best time to make it a reality. Get started on your own fiction writing by developing the required writing skills. Try a hands-on course for free or at a small investment available on the internet.


How about learning all the mysteries in the universe? You can do it by following an online course on astronomy. Find out what makes the stars, planets, and more about the possibility of extraterrestrial life.


Psychology is a preferred subject by most youngsters. It teaches the mental structure and health of the human. You can use the insights gained through this to deal with the tough times and even help out your friends and family.


There are various free online courses that allow you to explore the key concepts and fundamental principles in the process of screenwriting. This will be an amazing scope to explore and unveil your hidden talents. It can also be used as a means of income or you can build your career based on screenwriting.

Reproductive Technologies

Based on your fields of interest, you can discover more about this area of biology. There are various free courses conducted online related to this. Learn about the various reproductive technologies, fertility treatments, and the ethical challenges they cause.


The study of human history and prehistory is another interesting topic to learn during this stay-at-home period. Learn about various excavation sites, findings, and the analysis of artifacts and physical remains.

Gender Inequality

This is a rare topic for online courses but would be a good field to study. Since gender inequality is a key challenge in society, you can learn its causes, consequences, and ways to overcome it. This will surely change your perspectives and help think in a better way. Share these courses among your friends and encourage them to participate.

Fashion and Design

Fashion is not something limited only to women as there are many men as famous fashion designers in the industry. Therefore, if you have an interest in this, you can join a suitable online course to discover your potential. This will be a good way to understand the cultural impact of the fashion industry and start your own business.

Film Reviews

As you must already know, reviewing films is a great way to make money on various social media platforms. But first, you need to learn the correct process of film reviews and identify the techniques. You can then improve your skills and be a professional film reviewer and start your own channel to earn money.

Forensic Science

This is the application of scientific methods and techniques to examine various cases that are under the investigation of the courts. You can discover how different elements help discover police investigations and carry out justice.

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